Sell Your Home, Retain Your Privacy

Listing your home as an Exclusive Coldwell Banker Listing allows you to maintain your privacy while still getting great exposure to top agents in our offices. Coldwell Banker Westfield is the Number 1 office in the area for sales. We have more than 300 agents. The odds are that a Coldwell Banker agent will sell your home no matter what.

What to Expect

An Exclusive Listing is a home that has signed an Exclusive Coldwell Banker Listing Agreement. It can only be shared by the Coldwell Banker Listing Agent directly with their buyers and with our colleagues to share with their buyers. Property details are not listed in the Multiple Listing System (MLS) and won’t appear on public home search sites.

Our Discretion

We totally understand that the decision to sell your home is a very personal one and that you would prefer to sell your home in a private situation.


An exclusive listing, even just for a certain time, allows you to test the market privately and obtain relevant feedback on the selected price and other insights from our expert Coldwell Banker Realtors.

Reasons Why You Might Choose to Sell Your Home as An Exclusive

The possibility of selling your home without non-stop appointments to show and the ability to control those appointments in an easier manner

Valuable Belongings such as Artwork, Antiques, etc

Health Issues

Family Changes such as Marriage or Divorce

New Job or Relocation

The Coldwell Banker Exclusive Listing program is something that we can discuss to see if it is for you. It ensures that pre-marketing, listing strategies and showings are determined by the client. Each seller and home is individual and you would determine, after receiving the information, whether this is the program for you.